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  • Retro game collection  v.1.0Retro game collection includes 20 games similar to classic 80's games. You can play first level of Apk.Spk, BBL, Budgie 2, Ckklmn, Elgiza and Magy 4 before registration.
  • Retro Game Pack  v.1.00.07The Retro Game Pack is a collection of 9 classic games from the early days of Dataware (Ant Attack, Find the Flag, Fire Fighter, Letter Drop, Letter Drop 2, Sliding Puzzle, Stamp Pad, Supernova, and the original Winged Warrior).
  • Mooseguy Game Collection  v.1.0This is MGGC, the Mooseguy Game Collection, a brother project to MGBS. It is a collection of games, such as '21', a pontoon like card game, and 'FnM', a basic roleplaying game.
  • GNU Game Collection for WorldGroup  v.1.0This project is a collection of various BBS games running on the WorldGroup platform. Each game is created by and maintained by different authors and released under the GNU General Public License.
  • San Francisco Indie Game Collection  v.1.0Collection of works by San Francisco game developers.
  • Ezone Game Collection Volume 3  v.1.0.1A collection of 15 of our most popular games!
  • Ezone Game Collection Volume 1  v.1.0.1A collection of 15 of our most popular games!
  • Ezone Game Collection Volume 2  v.1.0.1A collection of 15 of our most popular games!
  • Ezone Game Collection Volume 4  v.1.0.1A collection of 15 of our most popular games!
  • Championship Pro Card Game Collection for Windows  v.6.62Score top honors with our best sellers! Discover the most realistic casual games available. Learn basic play & strategy in our tutorial. Improve your skills using unlimited hint, undo & replay. Master your game using detailed history and statistics.
  • Blazing Table Game Collection  v.1.0A collection of browser based Java, Flash and Flex table games from the website.
  • Quantum Game Collection  v.1.0A collection of quantum information generalizations of abstract strategy games written in Python, using the wonderful Pygame modules.
  • Foreign Language Game Collection  v.1.4Enjoy foreign language learnig with 5 motivating vocabulary games. The games adapt to the players knowledge and advances, accept synonyms, ignore typing errors and present themselves in an extreme simple, but well designed user interface.
  • Ohrrpgce game collection  v.1.0this project focuses on makeing a resource that gives ohrrpgce designers a chance to distribute their games across the world wide web. it also gives games that can help buding designers learn how to use the ...
  • Python Simple Game Collection  v.1.0Python implementations for simple games, mainly for educational purpose. The author of the games is still quite a newbie, so don't expect something overly complicated or efficient.
  • Rebel Defender Game  v.11"Rebel Defender" is a Star-Wars-style retro game, looking like the star wars games which existed in the past on Atari ST. A vector graphics pseudo-3D game with nice sound ...
  • Xmas Blox  v.1.1Fill your X-mas game collection with Xmas Blox! Get into the festive mood of the holidays from your first initial play! The game field turns into a skating rink decorated with a Christmas-tree set, gift boxes and ice elements.
  • Excessively Free Internet Games  v.1.0Comprehensive online game collection with no signup process or complicated steps to get started...just a simple way to play games online for free! Action, adventure, arcade, sports, and much more.
  • CrossWorld  v.1.0Attractive offer!!! Get the best crossword and puzzle games in one game collection. Become a professional in solving puzzles and crosswords. Improve your logic and solving skills. Train your brain and erudition. Check how educative you are. Solve ...
  • Asteroid Cresta  v.1.5Asteroid Cresta is a fast paced Open Source Asteroids style retro game which features stunning two-color vector graphics. Released with source code under the GNU General Public License. Believing that the world needed another asteroid re-make, I ...
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